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Strawberry Liposuction Northampton Comparison

Strawberry Liposuction & I-Lipo use similar technology to the Lipofirm Plus. The Lipofirm plus is exclusive to us in Northampton. Below the table compares treatments so you can see the advantages of both.

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Strawberry Liposuction / I-Lipo Vs Pure A.S.
  Pure A.s. Lipofirm Plus Strawberry Liposuction / I-Lipo
Non-Invasive? Non Invasive Non Invasive
No Anaesthetic? No Anaesthetic No Anaesthetic
Pain Free? Yes No
Immediate Results? Immediate Results Varied Results
Fat Cell Destruction? Permanent Fat Cell Destruction Varied Reduction Of Fat Cell Size
No Exercise Required? Result Not Reliant On Exercise Result Reliant On Up To 1 Hour Of Exercise
Effective On Cellulite? Very Effective On Cellulite Not Effective On Cellulite
Price? £800 (8 Treatments) £varies (8 Treatments)

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Best body reshaping category. Second only to an invasive treatment. Which makes us first for non invasive.

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