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A client review of our service compared to Slimming World in Northampton!

Quote Marks LeftI've been overweight for a long time and tried lots and lots of various treatments, diets and exercises. I've been a member of Slimming World in Northampton for about 13 months. Slimming World has helped get my eating under control and taught me to control my urges to eat. The results were slow though.

A friend told me about non surgical liposuction and I found Pure Aesthetic Solutions website and gave them a call. I really am amazed by the results and how quick they were - and more amazed that it's safe (medically proven), takes hardly any time to do and there's no pain or anything! Just lie down and get the treatment done and I was thinner!

I was just as amazed at the skin tightening part of the treatment where it tightened up my 'saggy bits'. This did a great deal for my confidence and it's something Slimming World or other diets can't do.

If you want to lose that belly or other parts of your body just do it, you won't regret it and will be delighted as I was.
Quote Marks RightMiss Sandford, Northamptonshire

Pure Aesthetic Solutions - Non invasive Liposuction in Northampton - Call us today on 01604 635496.


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Best body reshaping category. Second only to an invasive treatment. Which makes us first for non invasive.

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