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About Pure Aesthetic Solutions

About Pure Aesthetic SolutionsPure Aesthetic Solutions opened in September 2012. It is owned and run by Emelyne Lucas and Katrina Hall. The idea to establish Pure Aesthetic Solutions was formed after Emelyne purchased a course of six Laser Lipo sessions at the beginning of 2012. Unfortunately her experience wasn't great and she ended up with a full refund. After discussing her experience with Katrina they both decided to identify the best machine and hopefully a clinic nearby that Emelyne could attend.

After many hours of research they discovered the machine that gets the best results and , importantly, is medically proven is the Lipofirm Plus. Emelyne traveled to Nottingham to have the fat loss and skin tightening treatment.

Emelyne was pleased with what the Lipofirm Plus treatments achieved. Shortly after they decided to set up a clinic offering Lipofirm Plus in Northamptonshire. After seven and eleven years, respectively, working for a big corporation this was a big decision. With extensive research and first hand experience they had peace of mind that their chosen machine is the best in its field.

That big decision is proving to be the right decision, Pure Aesthetic Solutions has a growing and most importantly satisfied customer base.

Ultrasonic Liposuction in Northampton

Ultrasonic Liposuction in NorthamptonIf you're looking for ultrasonic liposuction in Northampton you can rely on us for using the safest and tested treatments. Lipofirm Plus uses ultrasonic or ultrasound technology. The Lipofirm Plus machine that we use is the only medically proven equipment for this purpose within the UK. In short, ultrasonic waves (similar to the technology used in pregnancy scans) are transmitted into the targeted area, which destroys fat cells, which then are expelled via the urinary system. You can read more about this on our how it works page.

Pure Aesthetic Solutions - Non Surgical Liposuction in Northampton - Call us today on 01604 635496.


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Best body reshaping category. Second only to an invasive treatment. Which makes us first for non invasive.

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